Overpriced Nook books

I was looking for something else, and saw this. Now, I thought $13 for the new Seanan McGuire book in ebook format was ludicrous, until I saw this. How the bloody hell does anyone - ANYONE - justify charging $71.49 for an EBOOK? What the bloody fucking FUCK? Who the fuck would SPEND that much money on ANY book, much less an EBOOK? This has GOT to be a glitch; I refuse to believe anyone would deliberately price an ebook so fucking high.

OMFG, it’s ON SALE from $124.95????????!!!!!???!?!??!? WTF!

Beauty Queen Banned From Prom...

Although not the most reliable of sources - This particular exploitation of a situation is shambolic. It's even noted that the girl in question KNEW she wasn't allowed to go to the prom, but refused to take responsibility for her own actions, turning up and claiming victimisation by the school.

Surely, by the age of 16, people should be aware that attending school is good, and not is bad? I also think the mother would be at fault for allowing such a spend on an event that she wasn't meant to go to...

I applaud the school in the report for standing by it's own procedures. If someone is going to act like a spoilt brat for not getting their own way and kicking up a fuss about it, then they're likely to be remembered themselves in a negative light, not remembered for the supposed good stuff.

Truancy.. Unruly behaviour.. And expecting no consequences?

Too soft in the parenting - discipline wise - in my eyes. The school is not accountable for the actions of an individual when in denial of a procedure that the establishment is entitled to follow.

Sounds like a reasonable case of WTF to me.. WTF is going on in the mind of the teen/her mum?
Godzilla, default

Brings a whole new meaning to the word fanboy:

^So there are literal people who dress up in tights to fight crime. Literally fighting crime in tights. Without all the major, major handwaves of superhero fiction to make this even workable. I am literally speechless about this.

Common sense

You know, it really bugs me that so many people now don't seem to use their own common sense.

I mean it drives me up the wall when I am out in town or at work and see someone not thinking about using their common sense.

I work at a furniture store, so I see and hear my fair share of stupidity.

For example, one of my faves, are the people that call and complain about one side of their sofa or chair is leaning or has gone flat and then they don't understand when we ask them if they favor sitting on that side. I mean it is apparent that if you are going to favor one side over the other that the side is going to eventually give a little and it isn't going to stay store or factory fresh forever.
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What I'm feeling about the world of today

I came here to speak out about the problems I see in this world today. The problems I'm going to be talking about is mostly directed towards America issues, however I may do a small expose on another country that is affecting America. I feel frustrated about that contrived and mediocre response I see on the problems today and they should be well addressed. People aren't hitting the real issue and I want to challenge that in some way instead of keeping it all built inside. I'm not guaranteeing that I won't be bias because really who can be unbiased when talking about popular issues. Also I'm not going to milk over any topic(obviously since this is the reason why I created this user account) and I'm not afraid to say I have mixed feelings on a topic but I will still address the pros and cons to the situation. I would have done this somewhere else but I felt this site is much more appropriate for these topics. With the content of these "rants" it will be mostly cussing but nothing to vulgar. So yeah, here I go with this finally; here are my opinions on America's problem filled society.

First problem: American concept of loving relations are beyond flawed and need to be reckoned with. Its unbelievable on how many people accept "love" under the guidelines that were created by Hollywood. Let me explain further: When anyone in America wants a partner they go through the process of dating. The concept of Dating has existed since the 1960's when game shows were extremely popular. Nowadays you see dating ingrained in society as a social norm, however relationships now have a 30% chance of working out for most people. Even ChaCha (a site) has said "An estimated, 20 to 50 percent of relationships fail in the first year, and roughly 99 percent of relationships fail overall. There are no statistics as many relationships come & go and are undocumented each day.However,the divorce rate in America for 1st marriage is 41%,the divorce rate in America for 2nd marriage is 60% & the divorce rate for 3rd marriage is 73%." Most people even concur that most relationships fail, so why does the American people still maintain this ritual of mating IF IT DOESN'T WORK?
People do it anyways because they feel forced to; what has society taught us more then anything in our lives? Sex is good. Relationships are good. Not all relationships work so try again. Oh, you failed again? well keep trying because your prince Charming is coming soon. It's unnatural to not be in a relationship. Everyone needs love. No, no, no. This not how life should be all about and relationships should cause people to feel like that's all there is to life. Those are the shallow concepts that rule our nation then I don't see why we aren't fucked up as a nation. We live on unrealistic terms of how to deal in a healthy relationship. People don't and shouldn't have to suffer so much from a flawed system. I can see why girls cry after they're boyfriend breakup under the context of " I want to see other people." Its like saying you want to date more people and breakup with them to see more people, that's just a cycle of stupid ,but this what society teaches?! How can society be so beneficial to people if all it does is fuck up people's relationships and cause internal distress that later cause bitter and spiteful people.
Love isn't suppose to make you bitter, its suppose to enlighten people and encourage them to be more open to that person and cherish the good times. Taking this from a biblical point of view love is God and God always loves you, so why do humans think they know so much about Love when they can't even get mating right? Its the problem of everyone trying to fit into the standard of normality that have been constructed by the welps and insufferable people of society (Hollywood perhaps) that obviously have no understanding of a fruitful relationship. On the other hand this could have been a device used to control the masses of miserable people and force them into believing the mundane stuff is more important then real issues like the exceeding gap between rich and poor or corporations taking over our government. In any case, I would prefer courtship any time over dating and I suggest others would do the same.
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People will sue over anything these days.

Teens Sued for Cookie Delivery to Neighbor A pair of Colorado teens surprised a neighbor by baking cookies -- no charge.

It cost them $900.

Taylor Ostergaard, 18, and Lindsey Zellitti, 19, decided to stay home from a dance in July in order to surprise their neighbors with an anonymous delivery of homemade cookies.

But one of their neighbors, Wanita Renea Young, 49, became so terrified she suffered an anxiety attack and called the police. Young sued the girls and this week was awarded $900 to recoup her medical bills.

Microchipped cat put down with poor excuse.

In local news, a couple's 16 year old cat escaped the house. In less than 2 hours, it got captured by animal control, thrown in with dogs, and then put down when it naturally began acting "aggressive." (Of course it was aggressive! it was scared!) Animal control didn't even check for a microchip until after the cat was dead. Guess what? It HAD a proper microchip. If this was a lawsuit, they would win.