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WTF, Humans?

Humans are insane.

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You ever have those moments when you're embarrassed to be human because of things others have done?
You ever have those moments when you're embarrassed to be human because of things others have done? Like to rant (occasionally or often) about thy fellow human being? Then you've found the perfect place! Rants, news clips, pictures, videos... anything that makes you angry with/embarrassed at humanity, feel free to share! Anything goes, as long as it makes you even briefly ashamed of being human (for real or figuratively speaking). Any topic at all that involves people doing things that make you angry, confused, or otherwise upset. I shouldn't have to list them all. :-) However, this does NOT give you the excuse to rip into specific people (except people in the news). That kind of thing inspires wank, and wank is not tolerated here.

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH IN YOUR PROFILE TO JOIN! This is so we don't get in trouble.

Please tag all your entries. Thank you.

Also a great place for people who, like me, just don't understand other people no matter how hard we try.

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE JOINING! ALL OF THEM! If you don't agree, don't join! Some rules I will be lenient on, but the "no being an asshole" rule I am very strict with. I do not tolerate assholeish behavior, and will ban you with no warning for it.

Clarification of tone:

Everyone has inherent worth and dignity. Everyone also does stupid things, myself included. This community is NOT a place to *mock* stupidity, but to ask "why was this done? Why not something else?" The kind of place to point at something and say "OY VEY!" or "*Sigh* Humans."

I suggest you check out my first post here, it gives a really good example of the kind of tone I'm aiming for.

Theist, atheist, anti-theist, agnostic, whatever your philosophical inclinations (if any), all are welcome. Joining is instant. I just ask you follow the rules:

1. Stay on topic. You might get questioned on how the post is on topic, be prepared to defend the post. (On a similar note, repliers, try to think before automatically shouting "OMG off-topic!") "When making a post here, don't just describe the example of stupidity[wtfery, etc]; include at least one reason why it makes you personally feel embarrassed that a human being said/did that. The explanation will make it on-topic even if the example isn't immediately obvious as such." (quoted text courtesy of ysabetwordsmith)

2. No hatred, no racism, no sexism, etc. Do not stereotype. This community is about things that specific people, corporations, or governments have done; also humanity in general and mixed groups (ie "people who've ever been near the Mississipi" who might have contributed to its pollution in some way.)

3. No flame wars, and no trolls. Trolls will be banned on sight. Flamers will get the hose. ("It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.")

4. Please have a sense of humor. Joking around in posts is not necessary, but people who can't take a joke are asked to either get a sense of humor or leave.

5. Be respectful of everyone, no matter their age, race, gender, sex, sexual preference, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Everyone is human and all humans suck in some way or other (no one is Perfect), even you. Even me.

6. Anything not safe for work needs to be put under an LJ cut and a warning put on it in the subject or the cut itself. If you don't know how to do a cut, LJ's help thingy will help.

7. Any questions, ask the boss (me, fayanora @ yahoo . com) or one of the mods.

8. These rules can change at any time without warning. But I will try to give warning.

9. If you are going to disagree with someone, disagree politely and nicely or shut the fuck up. I don't want any drama in this community. Violators may be banned without warning. I don't care if you think this makes me an asshole. I cannot express how much I detest drama.

10. New rule: NO PROSELYTIZING! This goes not just for religions, but any other kind of philosophy. Veganism/vegetarianism is especially a banned topic because no one around here seems able to discuss it without being hateful assholes. This goes along with the general rule of "If you can't talk about it without being an asshole, then shut up or get out."

11. This may be a repeat, but still: NO BEING AN ASSHOLE. If you can't say it in a way that isn't mean, snarking, or nasty, then don't say anything at all.

Also, may contain adult themes. Fourteen and over only please.

Violations are usually a three-strike basis (three strikes and you're out), but if I think you broke a rule badly enough, I will skip the warnings and go straight to banning you. (However, you can email me at fayanora @ yahoo . com to dispute any of these decisions; argue your point well enough, and the decision *might* be reversed, depending on circumstances.)

There seems to be some confusion about the purpose of this community. Let me clarify for you: This is NOT a snark community, this community does NOT tolerate flaming. Play nice or GTFO. This community was NOT designed for people to be mean and nasty to one another. I don't have much tolerance for wank/drama, either.

The purpose of this community is to point out examples of REAL LIFE behaviors that are making this world as insane as it is. Stupid criminal behaviors, idiotic decisions by politicians, inventions that make you think "What the hell did they make THAT for?" Things that make you shake your head in confusion. Things that are examples of what's wrong in this world.

Things that are NOT tolerated:

* Flaming
* Personal attacks
* Being assholes to other LJ members
* Proselytization

The general rule of thumb for this community is, "If you can't speak your mind in a nice way, then shut the fuck up and/or go away."

If you came to this community to flame, attack people, or be rude and snippy and snarky with other people, you have come to the wrong place. If this is why you came, then you can just GTFO now, because I promise you that if you're going to be a rude asshole to other people you are going to be banned without warning.

- - -

Mod: fayanora

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